Imagine you entered into a car race. Your car has 8-cylinders but you were only using 2-cylinders. What are your chances of winning the race? Not very high. Most men live their lives not having a vision that inspires them nor a purpose that drives them. That’s like walking around with an 8-cylinder potential but living a 2-cylinder life.

“The Legacy Code” was written to help guide men to access and live out their full potential and create a legacy that inspires them and those around them. It helps teach men how to actively design and execute the impact and connection needed through specific daily actions.

The Legacy Code teaches through stories of the authors life and engaging exercise to help you create your unique code using the simple 5-step process: Awareness, Vision, Purpose, Process, and Implementation. In the book Armando walks you through each of these steps sharing personal stories of struggle, triumph, and revelation to help you better grasp the concepts.

The other thing that becomes apparent as you read through the many stories in this book is how influential Armando’s father was in helping him become the man he is today. In essence you get the satisfaction of being part of a book that honors his father in the most reverent way.

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