​Traditionally when one publishes a book they do a book tour. Typically they can be costly and are only helpful for the people that could be there. I've decided to do something different. I wanted to leverage technology to reveal The Legacy Code organically through a The Legacy Code Virtual Book Tour. 

My goal for 2018 is to be on 50 podcasts to reach as many people possible. ​Over the course of the year I will be sharing ​these interviews.

This serves ​3 ​purposes.

  1. I want this page to serve as a platform to expose you to the amazing people behind these podcasts. Some are well established professionals, others are just starting out, regardless they show up daily to serve their listeners with insightful and practical resources to make your life better.
  2. Each podcast host asks and probes differently. Each interview you get to hear and learn different facets of The Legacy Code you can take and apply to your life.   
  3. I am committed to sharing the message of The Legacy Code with as many people possible. Part of that is give access to everyone not just those who can afford it. Help do your part by listening and sharing. Cheers!

​​The HQ Podcast ​ which stands for the Happiness Qu​adrant" is a podcast dedicated to helping ​​hundreds of divorced dads get over the mental road blocks and traps they currently put themselves in, and fights to bring them out of isolation in some of the worst case scenarios. He’s built an enormous following and is also running a free podcast to his subscribers to learn how to overcome their divorce. He interviews all people, including women and children affected by divorce, to shed some light on the different perspectives and viewpoints during a divorce.

On Episode ​64, 

​Armando helps growth-minded, married men live happier, more connected, and more fulfilled lives through his immersive coaching program that guide them to show up powerfully in their marriage, in their health, in their business, and in creating their purposeful legacy. Armando’s unique approach helps strip away the clutter both internally and externally that stops men from showing up daily as the greatest and grandest version of who they are for themselves, their family, and their legacy.

​Listen Here: http://bit.ly/thehqpodcast

​Robin Choe ​Host of ​​​The ​HQ Podcast

On Episode 268, 

​In this episode, he talks about why building a legacy is about much more than leaving wealth behind for your children. He also gives us his five key steps to purposefully creating a legacy that inspires … starting today!

Listen Here: http://bit.ly/gdproject

​​​Larry Hagner ​Host of ​​​The Dad Edge Podcast

​Life Outside The Hustle  is a weekly show ​​with entrepreneurs, influencers, and high performers that are redefining what it means to be successful. We destroy the idea that you have to be constantly working or grinding to get ahead and celebrate growth in all areas of life including health, relationships, spirituality, and finances. We recognize that both achievement and fulfillment are essential components towards a happy and successful life.

On Episode ​4, 

​I​ interview best selling author of The Legacy Code and his unique perspective on how to effectively create your life around the things that matter most.

​Listen Here: ​​http://bit.ly/outsidethehustle

​​Dr. Brent Tieri ​Host of ​​Life Outside The Hustle Podcast

​The Men of Abundance is a show for men who strive to be abundant in everything they do in Family, Faith, Finances and Fitness.

Your host, ​Wally Carmichael, interviews men, women and couples who are truly living their life of abundance and have a powerful message to share with you.

Where most podcasts hosts only interview entrepreneurs and top influencers, Men of Abundance is introducing you to people of all walks of life, income levels, and various vocations from gardeners, glass workers, Internet Marketers, Attorneys, Navy Seals as well as brand new business owners to seasoned top earning entrepreneurs.

On Episode ​194, 

​I’ve never met a man who described himself as a Connoisseur of Experiences, until today. And Armando Cruz certainly fits that description. Armando shares a few of his greatest experiences, along with a serious kick in the gut moment and action steps that will seriously enhance your life. So buckle in for this one guys.

​Listen Here:http://bit.ly/menofabundance

​Wally Carmichael ​Host of ​The Men Of Abundance

​​Live The Fuel Podcast's mission is to help FUEL 1 Billion lives in Health, Business, and Lifestyle. Along the way, he hopes that you'll also gain a fortified, positive mindset to ensure success. Listen in, set new goals, most importantly, start taking action!

On Episode ​163, 

We discuss the power of BE CURIOUS…

If you are curious, you never stop searching, you never stop seeking what’s around the next corner. Armando is not saying this from the perspective that you are not happy where you are.

Be curious to be excited, to immerse yourself in life and you will see that it will take you a lot further. Too many people try and force things. But if you are curious about what is around the next corner, it is not because you are going to gain something, it is because it is there. That in it of itself, that discovery in and of itself, will be an asset to your life!

​Listen Here: ​​​http://bit.ly/livethefuel163

​​​​Scott Mulvaney ​Host of ​​Live The Fuel Podcast

The Health Simplified Show is ​dedicated to helping busy professionals stay fit and healthy in a way that serves them, their family, and their business. 

On Episode 5, We talk about ​Armando's college years as an athlete then his challenges between being a husband, family man and continuing to look after his health.

Finally Armando shares his TOP TIP. I found it to be a real curve ball at first! However when he explains the logic behind it, it makes complete sense.

​Listen Here: ​​http://bit.ly/healthsimplifiedshow

​​​Ashley Bishop ​Host of ​The Health Simplified Show

The Entrepreneur Hot Seat is a podcast for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to hear stories from other entrepreneurs, the different types of businesses out there and the challenges other entrepreneurs are facing and what they are doing to overcome those challenges. In each episode, I will interview a different entrepreneur (some very successful, some just starting out) to learn about their business, their vision and goals as well as what they are struggling with and try to pull some lessons from the conversation.

Episode 59, I interview best selling author, legacy coach and adventurer Armando Cruz on creating a powerful and purposeful legacy.

​Listen Here: http://bit.ly/ehotseat-acruz

​Andy Storch ​Host of Entrepreneuer Hot Seat

PT Spotlight is dedicated to shining the spotlight on physical therapists who are innovating the way physical therapy care is being delivered.

​Listen to this truly inspiring story of personal growth, struggle, and transformation. Meet Armando Cruz from ​R.I.C.H. Man Experience. Armando is a best selling author, physical therapist, business owner, coach, father, husband, and so much more.

​Listen Here: http://bit.ly/ptspotlight

​​Tony Maritato ​Host of ​PT Spotlight

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