"Why Should I Read ANOTHER Self-Help Book?"

That’s probably what you’re asking yourself right now, to be honest; it’s a fair question.

A VERY fair question!

With so many books on self-development, success, and happiness already in print, it may seem that pretty much anything and everything that could be said about these subjects has been said already and, in some ways that would be true.

After all, very little of what finds its way onto our bookshelves (or ebook readers!) is of the uniquely original variety and, instead, tends to be the general rehash of ideas that that most of us have already become VERY familiar with. One could arguably put forward the case that yet ANOTHER book on these topics adds very little to the genre or the people who seek out answers within it.

Yet there’s also another case that could be made and that, with your permission, I’d like to make regarding the book you now hold in your hands; it’s that whilst the general INFORMATION across any given genre may tend to stem from the same sources and share the same general message, it’s not always the information itself that contains the REAL value to the reader.

Especially in this day and age when one can visit the ‘university of Google’ from any mobile device and find ‘the facts’ and information within seconds at the mere touch of a button.

In fact, you could say that the fact that there’s so MUCH information out there right now is the very REASON that people are struggling or, as I like to say ‘People are drowning in information and yet thirsting for knowledge’.

If that sounds like you, like you’re one of those who are drowning in information and who constantly finds yourself saying “I know WHAT to do, I just can’t seem to get myself to do it!” and that you know full well that you don’t need more ‘dressed up’ information about success and happiness in your life but rather, what you need is a means to translate information into IMPLEMENTATION then I’m sure that you’ll love what my good friend Armando Cruz is about to share with you within the pages of this book.

You see, as smart and intellectual a guy Armando is (and he’s VERY smart!), his ability to read, understand and memories what he studies is not (what I would term) his source of Majik; those gifts and attributes we each possess that make the difficult seem easy, the daunting seem exciting and the confusing seem clear.

Armando’s Majik is a unique and inspiring blend of creativity, productivity and community.
Armando is that rare blend of individual who uses his creativity to not only dream of what his life could be but blends that with action-taking productivity to bring those dreams to life (even in small ways) and then generously and open-heartedly shares both the experiences and the results they provide with others so that they can do the same.

In every way that counts, Armando is a MASTER implementer who has learned to take action on every area of his life in ways that most could only dream of, qualifying as a physical therapist and earning a masters degree along the way, starting a successful therapy and personal training practice, becoming an accomplished speaker, writer, blogger and ultra-distance marathon runner to name but a few of his professional accomplishments but, perhaps more impressively, learning to take action on the things in life that REALLY matter and that lead to having more love, more light and more laughter in our lives.

Whether it be camping with his children, designing and making tools and knives or carving out Buddha’s in his workshop to cheer up a friend in need, making a windsail to ’surf’ a hurricane or the seemingly ubiquitous creation of birthday watermelon carvings for kids, Armando has a wonderful and child-like way of approaching creativity and combining it with a deep and decidedly adult way of both taking action and finding the best ways to gift the results to others.

And, in every way that counts, that what The Legacy Code is REALLY about.

It’s about learning how to act upon and implement those things that make the REAL difference to how we feel about ourselves and our experiences and we live out the days of our lives.

Within the pages of this book Armando does a wonderful job of sharing not just the concepts and ideas that so many before him have written about but the practical, roll-up-your-sleeves-and-take-action processes and practices that make the REAL difference.

As you’ll soon come to learn, Armando believes that in very real terms, each and every one of us can become R.I.C.H and experience life more powerfully, more enjoyably and more beautifully than most of us have come to believe is possible for us.

Fortunately for you, within this very book, he’s willing to tell you how.

I invite you to not only read the words but to engage fully in what you’re about to learn from Armando and to, perhaps for the first time, make the implementation of whats’ shared your greatest priority rather than the information.

Become one of the few who says “I know what to do AND I’m doing it!”
Because, after all, there’s no other way to create a legacy other than action, right?

Dax Moy

Author of The MAGIC Hundred,
Founder Of The GuRu Project,
Creator Of The MindMAP Coaching Institute

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