Let’s start at the beginning…

Why am I doing this?

I wanted to create something that could serve others on a grander scale.

Part of the legacy I want to create is to help men show up more powerfully and authentically in their life. This is important because I believe if men show up more powerfully and authentically we will have more connected marriages, which make stronger families, which create productive and thriving communities, which positively impact the world.

My goal was to write a book that can give you more clarity about who you are today, who do you want to become, and use that to create that living legacy, your living legacy.

In other words, start living your legacy today so that it is something you can be proud of, something that excites you.

Perspective is crucial and it is one of the most valuable assets I can provide to my clients.

In order to make this book most effective I sought out the perspective of 111 men I interviewed over 37 days period.

I asked them all sorts of questions to really figure out what legacy meant to them.

Was legacy even something that other men thought of?

Growing up, legacy was something that I thought of.

I remember spending time with my father, and still spend time with my father and the bond that we have. I remember thinking that having this bond with my kids is something that I would love to have.

Teaching them by example.

There was this project I presented about 23 years ago while still in high school about buoyancy. If you don’t know what buoyancy is, I didn’t either. In a nutshell it means, the ability for an object to float in water, air or some other medium.

The question was could concrete float?

My initial thought was no but that quickly changed when I understood it more and saw it in action. The funny thing is in college while studying to be an engineer my father made a concrete canoe to race against other engineering schools.

So to teach me the principles surrounding buoyancy he had me pour concrete into different shapes. The different shapes illustrated Archimedes principle of fluid mechanics, which states, “a body while wholly or partly immersed in a fluid apparently loses weight by an amount equal to that of the fluid displaced.”

I share this because as a kid my father brought things to life and created unforgettable experiences. I wanted to do that for my kids. I want to do that for other men to help them show up more powerfully and authentically.

In these interviews, these men had a similar view.

They had the idea of wanting to leave something better and greater for their families and communities. Most of them focused on their family when thinking in context of legacy. As an aside there are different types of legacy, which we go into later in the book.

One of the correlations I found was that men of deep faith seemed to have more certainty and excitement around legacy. It was less about them but more about a purpose greater than themselves.

In these interviews, I was able to gain more clarity myself because these men were able to share what legacy meant to them, what it wasn’t, and get a better grasp of what legacy is as a whole.

There are 5 sections in The Legacy Code.

Section 1 is The Foundation. In this section, you are going to set a solid foundation giving you more insight into what legacy is, what it isn’t, how to align with it, how to think about it, and what are the pitfalls?

Section 2 is where we go into Your Vision.

Here you gain clarity on your vision regarding the legacy you’d like to create. This is one of my favorite sections because the possibilities are endless

Section 3 is Your Purpose. This section is one that to many people skip or neglect. This is where you gain clarity around what drives you. Let’s be honest how many times have you said you wanted something but life just gets in the way. When you understand purpose, life doesn’t get in the way but amplifies the path.

Section 4 is Your Process a.k.a. Plan Of Attack.

Here is where you create your plan and how you can apply it daily?

In this section you gain clarity on how you can apply these steps consistently to your life?

And finally, Section 5 – it’s time to Do the Work.

This is where your actions do the talking. This is where you proclaim and execute the daily actions to create the legacy you want to live.

To re-cap, you have established a foundation, created a vision, cultivated a purpose, and crafted a process. Finally it is time to do the work that is going to allow you to create the impact you want in this world for yourself, your family and your community.

My Promise.

The Legacy Code will be a resource to better understand why you were put on this earth, how you want to impact it, and a catalyst for transformation if you do the work. No one will do it for you. As a coach I can help you speed up this process but the work needs to be done by.

This isn’t a book about theories and cool ideas.

It’s not a book about fun stories.

It is a book to help you start living your legacy now, enjoy your legacy, crafting it purposefully so that when you are gone, you know deep down in your heart that you left a legacy that would make you proud.

A legacy that leaves you inspired and excited and those around you are impacted in a similar way.

Too often as men we get sucked into success and get lost in the now.

In the, “I’m going to make a million dollars” or “I am going to achieve this goal” and very often there is not that bigger vision as to how that all plays out.

It becomes instant gratification or just because it’s what I think I should be doing, or keeping up with the Jones’.

Legacy is so much bigger than you.

Here’s a way to conceptualize the difference between the way most men think about success versus the invitation I have for you to think about legacy. Success is loading a bag with other peoples stuff, and the stuff you think you need. Eventually that bag will weigh you down, slow you down and will get exhausting. Legacy is like a huge magnet that is pulling you towards it. The effort is minimal because you are being driven by a force that is bigger than you.


Most men likes to decipher puzzles and problems. In this book we get to decipher your Legacy Code. There are a few components to decipher your legacy code. We are going to get into the different types of legacy and the components that make up your living legacy.

Your legacy can happen by accident, with no intent and no purpose. But my guess is if you’re reading this you’d like to have a hand in this. You’d like to be more purposeful. You’d like to have specific intent for the legacy you live and the legacy you leave. If that is you, you are in the right place. The Legacy Code was designed with you in mind. It was designed to help you create your blueprint, your roadmap to take the actions today to leave the legacy of tomorrow.


Armando Cruz

Miami, FL


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